Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall
Hadrian's Wall at sunset

Sunday, September 25, 2016

I Found My Book Cover Photo! Wayne Brittle Photography

I've decided to go ahead and self-publish my 2nd ancient historical novel, the Fury of Dragons!

It continues the story of Eleri from A Secret Hope, who was abducted by British pirates on the day of her baptism and taken from Ireland to Britannia.

Some of the story takes place in Luguvalium, now modern-day Carlisle in Cumbria, England. Luguvalium was a British fort on Hadrian's' Wall.

The wall was built by Emperor Hadrian (naturally) about 122 AD, across the "waist" of what is now Scotland and England, to mark the northernmost border of the Roman Empire.

Almost 2000 years later, much of the wall still stands. I visited it a few years ago doing research for the book, and for an ancient history buff like me, it was a fascinating trip.

So I searched through hundreds of photos of the wall for my book cover. I was ready to give up until I stumbled across this amazing photo above, named Hadrian's Wall at sunset. I corresponded with the photographer, Wayne Brittle, who has kindly agreed to allow me to use the photo for a small fee.

Wayne roams all over England, Scotland, Italy and other places doing his thing, with almost other-worldly results. His photos have been featured in magazines, calendars, brochures, and books. He has had articles published in the most highly respected photography magazine in the UK. He teaches classes for aspiring photographers and sometimes even takes them out before the crack of dawn to get those great photos! So I'm humbled and thankful to be able to use this image from a world famous photographer like Wayne.

Please check out his Facebook page: Wayne Brittle Photography and his website: Wayne Brittle for some awe inspiring photos.

Wayne, I can't thank you enough for this awesome photo. It perfectly captures the mystery and drama of this ancient place. I love it so much I decided to put it at the top of my blog.

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