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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Blog Hop Giveaway!

I thought I would give a bit of insight into how I created my main female character, Anna, in Have Cash, Will Marry. It's been especially fun to research the clothing of the late 19th century, although I'm not sure I would have enjoyed wearing them. Those corsets! This is the second story I have written that takes place in the Gilded Age and in both stories, jewels were very important.

Rene Lalique was a French jeweler who turned the design world upside down at the end of the 19th century. Instead of using only traditional jewels such as diamonds and rubies, Lalique used a variety of materials to create jewelry that were works of art in their own right.

The dragonfly lady brooch above is a good example. Semi-precious green chrysoprase was used for the head and body of the woman while the wings are enamel set with gold and irregular moonstones, then ringed with diamonds to create an iridescent effect. The woman who wore this brooch surely created a sensation! I used the idea of a dragonfly pendant for my character Anna, who received it from her father in memory of a special place in the forest that was precious to both of them.

The silk ballgown shown here is what I pictured Anna wearing at the Met ball when she first encounters Rob. Except for the color, which here is a sort of ice blue.

While researching for the story, I found an amazing article about a New Year's Eve ball at the Met in 1899, in which all the dresses worn by the ladies were described. And among all the whites, pinks, blues, and yellows, one gown stood out for me from the others because it was made of "apple-green silk." And who better to wear apple-green silk than a fiery redhead?

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  1. Hey, Renee, I saw your post on FB commenting on Dick & Chris O'Riley's Wedding Photo. Any way, I tried to Freind you on FB. Do not know if you remember me from Freshman Year in Benedict but I am Laurie Ryan Horanburg and lived in the suite next to yours. I was a Nursing Major and that first year you and Betty Welch and myself would walk in the snow to Lakeside Memorial to do volunteer candy striping. Wow, that was 45 years ago. Do you keep in touch with Betty? I married a guy, Rick Horanburg, whom I met in the Choir at Christian Center. We got married in Feb of 1977 but Gary Pfeiffer married us and we moved down to DC where we lived until 2 years ago. Would love to reconnect through FB. Laurie Ryan Horanburg

  2. So fun to reconnect with you, Laurie!


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