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Hadrian's Wall
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Third Time's the Charm!

I have an agent! And finally, I actually have an agent I like and trust. So important.

Julie Gwinn, with the Seymour Literary Agency, has agreed to represent me and I am thrilled!

Julie knows I can write. She took my 2nd ancient historical novel to the Publication board at B&H Publishing. She is fun to talk to, and full of great ideas.

Over ten years ago, I had my first agent. A man who loved my first historical but had some out-of-the- ordinary ideas about publishing, He didn't last in the market and moved on.

My second (very brief) liaison with another agent only lasted a couple months. I never felt comfortable with her; she was lackadaisical and didn't inspire confidence or trust.

On the other hand, I immediately bonded with Julie. She has many years of experience in the publishing and marketing fields. Right now she is perusing all my "stuff"; figuring out what my "brand" might be, and where I might fit in the market, both CBA and ABA.

I am thankful to finally have an agent who can help me figure out the publishing world, and is so much fun to talk to. Over the moon right now!