Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall
Hadrian's Wall at sunset

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kim, Mary Grace, and Jonas, this one's for you

I'm reflecting today on Palm Sunday, and the people who cheered the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem, praised and exalted Him and then 5 days later called for His death.

How capricious is man!

I've often wondered if I had lived at the time Jesus walked on earth would I have believed? Or would I have been one of those who raised a palm branch and then a few days later turned my back on Him?

Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.

Thank you, Lord. I thank you today for Your sovereignty. The older I get the more I realize just how poor and needy and naked and broken I am. I realize how little control we have over our lives or the lives of others. Oh, that invincible optimistic spirit of youth! That unflagging feeling of power and all the world before you! The older I get the more I understand how desperately I needed a Savior. How desperately I still need my Savior.

Sounds like life to me, to quote a country song. Jesus already knew all this. He knew I'd have these thoughts as I grew older. Thank you, Lord, that you never abandoned me as your people have abandoned You. As at times I have abandoned You.

I'm seeing a sea change in the lives of people I know. A dissatisfaction with the status quo and a disenchantment with the state of the church and the Christians who people it. People seeking a truer Christianity and a truer closer following of the Lord.

Isn't if funny? I used to think that Christianity and my growth as a Christian and knowing God would proceed in a straight line from A to B and all the way up to heaven. Now, older, wiser, and grayer, I know that the path of faith is a ragged one, with detours and road blocks. Sometimes you run of out of gas.

But through it all, He is faithful to complete the work He started. He is sovereignly reigning and ruling and I can always depend on Him.

Halleluia! The Lord our God reigns. And I'm so glad He does.

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