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Hadrian's Wall
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Invasive Weeds Taking Over Yancy Household!

This post has nothing to do with writing, graveyards, pyramids or megalithic tombs. No archaeology, Celtic crosses, crypts, or secret passages.

It has to do with weeds.

I have to get this off my chest. I've lived in Kentucky for 5 years now. And our backyard is out of control!

I used to live in western New York, and I lived in New Hampshire for 21 years. Yes, they have weeds there.

But not the kind of weeks that multiply exponentially
while you watch! Like they're on Viagra or something.

In New York and New Hampshire, weeds know their place. But in Kentucky, you turn your back for a moment and voila! Takeover City.

You see the photo at the top of the page? This is the kind of stuff we have fulminating in our backyard Plus we have invasive vines. Like the trumpet creeper. Oh, yeah, it's real pretty. Right? That middle photo is so sweet and unassuming.

Well, look at this one to the right. That's what happens when you leave it alone. No, that's not my house but it's the same vine taking over my backyard.

It spreads underground and it's very tricky. By the time you realize you've got a battle on your hands, the roots are already as thick around as your arm. There ain't no pullin' that baby outta there! You'd have to use dynamite. Or C4.

If we ever decide to sell this house, we'll have to hire a backhoe to come and raze the whole thing. Not the house. The backyard. Sheesh.


  1. First time I ever had to deal with that trumpet flower vine was in KS, (Guess it skipped MO, never saw one there) and that first summer I was like "Aw, I have a gorgeous flowery vine thing in my fence" And then my fence disappeared! Ross cut it down to nothing, and next year was about the same. Crazy. It killed one of my trees. Pretty and deadly.

  2. Really scary. They just don't have weeds like this in New England.

  3. If you want to get rid of it, heavy duty Round up---designed for vines, etc, may due the trick.

  4. We'll have to try that. Thanks, Larry!


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