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Hadrian's Wall
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Friday, December 9, 2011

E Book, Anyone?

I'm seriously considering put my first historical novel up on Amazon as an e-book. My husband has been telling me for at least the last year that I ought to do it.

I've held off, wanting to take the more traditional route of getting an agent, then a publisher and a contract.

Today, both my husband and my very good friend, David, sent me the same article from the Wall Street Journal, regarding the story of a woman who did exactly that - put her novel on Amazon after numerous rejections. And she made a go of it.

It's scary. You're on your own as far as publicity and advertising and all that. But my husband could design an awesome cover for the book. (He's so amazing.)

Today it's as if a light in my brain suddenly turned green.

I think I'm gonna go for it.

Stay tuned.