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Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Didn't Win! But I Did Win!

I've had a lot of email and comments on Facebook asking me about the conference. What a whirlwind it was!

First, I did not win the Historical category. A very talented writer named Johnnie Alexander Donnelly won.


I felt very much like a winner. There were 8 categories and 3 finalists in each. That meant at a conference of nearly 700 people, 24 of us had "Finalist" ribbons on our name tag. Now, there were probably at least 100 published writers at the conference. ACFW has approximately 2500 members. Also the "Carol Awards" for published writers were also awarded at the Gala on Saturday night. I think there were about 30 finalists for those.

So just the fact that I was a Finalist did a lot for me. For one thing, I learned that when you include the fact that were a Genesis finalist in a proposal, the editor or agent will take a closer look because you've proven that you can write. It's a given.

I made 2 new friends, met with 3 agents and 2 editors, took some marvelous classes on honing the craft of writing, and basically enjoyed being in the company of other writers.

From most of my meetings, I came away with the basic knowledge that the time period for my first two manuscripts is still a "hard sell". But that's OK. I'm working on my 3rd WIP (that's writer talk for Work In Progress) and have a new idea for a story set in the Gilded Age (1879 - 1899).

The important thing is: I know I can write.

Everything else is all part of the journey. I already have plans to enter these two new stories in the Genesis contest for 2012.

Later this week, I will have a few photos from the conference and some stories. Thanks for all your support!


  1. I'm so happy that you enjoyed the Conference. I prayed for you every day.

  2. I'm glad you had a great time--it sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed yourself.

    It's too bad that there are eras that are "hard sells" in historical fiction, but I've run into that myself. Honestly, how many books about French and English kings and queen can the market hold?

  3. so cool. so COOL. SOOOOOOOO flipping COOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!! gah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this makes me unutterably happy. I'm so happy to hear this! Great work. This is so important and great to hear. Congratulations.


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