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Hadrian's Wall
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Critique Partner

I have a new critique partner!

Her name is Stephanie Thornton. She writes historical fiction. Like me. And her settings are ancient history, too, like mine. So we have a lot in common. She would time-travel to ancient Egypt if she could and I'd be right there with her!

Her first manuscript is about Hatshepsut, the first and only female Pharaoh of ancient Egypt. She is currently hard at work on manuscript #2, and the main character is Theodora. A one time prostitute and actress who reaffirmed her Christianity and became Empress of the Byzantine Empire. This is the manuscript I will be critiquing for her. It sounds amazing!

Stephanie is also a high school history teacher, lives in Alaska, and had a recent encounter with a bear.

Check out her website and blog at www.stephanie-thornton.com.

BTW, Stephanie has 347 followers on her website. I'm definitely going to ask her how in the world she did that!


  1. Yeah for a critique partner that writes the same genre. I've got one and wouldn't trade her for the world. And if she ever wants to leave me behind, I'll tie her up with ropes and threaten 24/7 viewing of Napolean Dynamite, and give my daughter some face paint, and.....well, let's just say, she better not get any ideas in her head! JK :)

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Renee! What a lovely treat to come home to after a long day.

    347 followers is more than I ever thought I'd have. I love the blogging community--I've found some wonderful writers. And I'm so glad to be your new critique partner!


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