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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hope and Expectation. And Answered Prayer.

I had a very nice surprise this week.

In my email inbox was a message from a name I didn't recognize. This is what I read when I opened it:

Dear Renee:

So happy to hear from you! And I'm sorry it took so long to answer. Please do send the complete manuscript to my work email. Both I and my marketing director loved what we read on your site. Thanks!

This is the acquisitions editor at a major Christian publisher I was speaking about in my post on expectation and waiting. I had so completely given it up to the Lord that no bells rang when I saw her name in my inbox.

Isn't if funny sometimes how the Lord works? After we have struggled and wrestled and given up that thing we hold so close to our hearts, it's then that the Lord moves.

When I was a young Christian (many years ago, I might add), I read somewhere that:

the struggle is to stop struggling. 

So simple yet so profound. Stop struggling and rest in the knowledge that He is sovereignly in control of your life. After 35 years of following Jesus, I am still learning to do that.

Let me add a caveat here. A request for a full manuscript doesn't mean that she will buy my book. But it is a definite step toward that end. It's a very big deal for an unpublished writer.

Thank you, Lord. I bless You and praise You and I am so grateful that you hold my life in the palms of Your hand!


  1. I read this post a few days ago and wanted to respond-first congrats and I know you are blessed!! In my own life it pricked my thots to reflect on times that He said No- and if I am still questioning, blaming and stewing! I was moved by the struggle to stop struggling-lay aside every weight! Many of my desires are for Him! They are good but they are my agenda!! So I join with you in being grateful:-))) I did read your post on Tut and the dried leaves and flowers-interesting-

  2. Sue, I know what you are saying. When will we learn, right? I am blessed, and so are you, and all of our brothers and sisters in Christ. How splendid are His ways!!

  3. I needed to hear this today. Thank you for sharing.

    "The struggle is to stop struggling."

    I am navigating a difficult conflict right now. I am going to switch gears, and attempt to stop struggling. Stop reacting. Stop defending. Let it breathe.

  4. p.s. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very, very, very excited to hear of this development. Any word back, since then, either way?


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