Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ancient Medicine: Lamb's Ear

We know Lamb's Ear as the soft, silvery-green leaves in a flower garden that are fun to pick and are especially good for children to "pet".

But once upon a time, Lamb's Ear was also known as Woundwort, because the leaves were believed to have healing properties. The fuzzy leaves were used as bandages during the Civil War.

I found another old reference to Lamb's Ear being used as a washcloth. Perhaps for a baby or child? They certainly are soft enough.

And what did people do before the invention of bandaids?

A single Lamb's Ear leaf is perfect to roll around a finger. A long blade of grass or a pine needle could be used as a fastener.

In my first novel, Ciara's Tale, Ciara uses Lamb's Ear to soothe a child's burned finger. Wouldn't that be a novel way to bandage a child's boo boo?

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