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Hadrian's Wall
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Staffordshire Hoard

Some new photos of the Staffordshire hoard discovered in July of this year have been published.

In the words of Leslie Webster, Department of Prehistory in the British Museum:

"This is going to alter our perceptions of Anglo-Saxon England...as radically, if not more so, than the Sutton Hoo burials. Absolutely the equivalent of finding a new Lindisfarne Gospels or Book of Kells."

The hoard dates to the 7th century and contains over 5 kilograms of gold, the richest hoard ever discovered, and over 1500 artifacts, many decorated with precious stones.

It has been said that archaeologists and historians will be evaluating and debating the significance of this find for decades.

The top right photo is of a folded cross. Note the detailed work on the gold.

The artifact above is a gold and garnet scabbard boss fitting for a sword. Below is a gold and garnet sword hilt.
One item that has provoked the most interest is a strip of gold with a Biblical inscription and I will write a post on that this week.

A website has been established for the hoard for anyone who wishes to know more. It has 500 photographs of the finds so far. Many artifacts are still waiting to be dug out of blocks of soil taken from the dig.



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